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Body Work & Energy Work

Choose to fill your Body with Joy today.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."

 - Hippocrates


Single Phone Session

50 Min Phone session to balance chakras and clear stuck energies from body

4 Weekly Phone Sessions

4 once per week 50 min phone sessions, this is designed to have a breakthrough in a specific area of life or health.  will include chakra balancing energy clearing and homework specifically catered to your personal situation.

50 Min Phone session $60

Journey Massage with Energy Work

Session availability based on my actual location.  Typically 90 min to 120, time based on working until I feel we are finished.

Donation Based

4 weekly 50 min sessions $175

In Person Energy Work

Session availability based on my actual location.  Can work on one person or entire family/ household.  Time can vary based on what needs to be cleared.  I work until finished

Donation Based



Introducing you to my work:

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, I trained for 10 years in multiple modalities of energy work (including: Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Master Energy Dynamics, Harmonic Resonance Technology) to balance the Chakras, clear negative thought patterns, past life trauma and other dynamic messages from the physical and energetic body. 

Studying massage therapy at New School of Massage has allowed me to integrate my energy work with relaxation, myofascial release, trigger point, and sports massage techniques to more deeply release the physical components of many stuck or chronic issues.

My additional training in Thai massage at Sunshine Massage School in Chaing Mai opened up the understanding of Thai Sen Lines, Functional Fascia lines, and additional stretches to further facilitate physical balancing of painful joints and mind body connection.

What to expect in an in person session:

An opening discussion of your goals for the session.  Then I proceed to throw everything including the kitchen sink at your stated objective to completely clear or create space for a moving forward into this new space.  You may gain a feeling more range of motion, a greater connection in your body and an overall centered state of well-being.  During your session, I release areas of the body, some of which may seem unrelated to the areas that are symptomatic. You may experience:

  • A shift in circulation with warmer or cooling of an area

  • Lighter in your overall body

  • Greater clarity of your mind

  • A greater state of calm

  • An unwinding of tension

  • Less pain in movement

Each session is individualized to the client based on their intentions, needs and how I am intuitively guided.

What to expect in a phone session:

All of the above and...

I will guide you through different awareness's in your body utilizing different references to ancient text descriptions of the 3 brains in the body, chakras, organs, finger and toe meridian ends jaw, dental, and cranial access.  I will ask pointed and general questions about aspects of your life as they come into my awareness.  I will guide you through simple breathing exercises and movements that can be communicated verbally.  I typically give homework to clients.

As with everything else in life everything is voluntary, no question that is too personal needs ever be answered out loud and no homework ever needs to be completed.  These are all just exercises to gain a greater awareness of personal beliefs conscious and unconscious.  I have found the most amazing transformations have happened when old beliefs are seen clearly and let go of.



I am currently traveling and will be returning to Chicago at intervals to know more or be included in future email notifications please email requesting to be on my email list.  If you are interested in me doing work on you in person do not hesitate to contact me to let me know your location and we can discuss.

All of us contain with in us the spark of the divine we all belong wherever we choose to place our feet.  Now feeling welcome and being embraced in that space is a completely different story.

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